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Customers can request Gangye to produce 1/2inch-40inch, 150LB-1500LB cast or forged check valves according to the size and medium of the pipeline. As a check valve manufacturer/supplier, Gangye has the ability to provide universal check valves that meet various standards. The check valve can prevent the medium from flowing back in the pipeline, Usually installed at the head end and tail end of the pipeline.

Check Valve Types for Sale

Stop Check Valve

A stop check valve combines the functions of a check valve and a globe valve. It automatically prevents backflow when fluid flow stops or reverses, yet allows manual shut-off. Ideal for boiler applications and steam systems, it ensures flow control and safety in one mechanism.

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Lift Check Valve

A lift check valve allows fluid flow in one direction by lifting a disc or cone off its seat as fluid pressure increases. It automatically closes to prevent backflow when the flow ceases. Commonly used in water and steam systems, it is reliable, simple, and effective for preventing reverse flow.

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Swing Check Valves

A swing check valve uses a swinging disc, which pivots to allow flow in one direction and blocks it in the opposite. This valve type is widely used in water supply systems and prevents backflow efficiently. It's suitable for low-pressure drop applications and is simple in design.

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Wafer Check Valve

A wafer check valve is a compact and lightweight option designed to fit between flanges. It opens with forward flow and closes quickly to prevent backflow, making it ideal for limited-space applications. Its simple, effective design is commonly used in water, oil, and gas systems.

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Check Valve Parts

Check valves are typically consist of several key parts:

  • Body: The body of the check valve houses all the internal components and provides connections for the inlet and outlet pipes.

  • Disc or Flap: The disc or flap is a movable component within the check valve that opens and closes to allow or prevent the flow of fluid. When the fluid flows in the desired direction, the disc or flap moves away from the seat, allowing the fluid to pass through. When the flow reverses, the disc or flap closes against the seat, preventing backflow.

  • Seat: The seat is a stationary component within the check valve against which the disc or flap seals when the valve is closed.

  • Spring (if applicable): In some check valve designs, a spring is used to assist in closing the valve.

  • Hinge (if applicable): In certain check valve designs, such as swing check valves, the disc or flap is hinged to the body of the valve. The hinge allows the disc or flap to swing freely, facilitating smooth operation and reducing wear.

  • Body Bonnet or Cover: The body bonnet or cover is the top portion of the valve that provides access to the internal components for inspection, maintenance, and repair. It is usually bolted to the body of the valve.

  • Connection Ends: Check valves may have different types of connection ends, such as threaded, flanged, or welded ends, depending on the application and installation requirements.


Check Valve Function

The function of the check valve is to prevent the backflow of the medium in the pipeline. The check valve does not require manual operation, and the internal structure of the check valve can automatically prevent the medium from flowing back. Therefore, compared with globe valves and gate valves, the number of check valves on the same pipeline will be relatively small. Usually it will be installed at the head and tail of the pipeline.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Check Valves?

Check valves offer several advantages, including preventing backflow and protecting equipment from damage caused by reverse flow. They eliminate the need for manual intervention to ensure flow direction and provide efficient and reliable operation in various applications.

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