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Customers can request Gangye to produce 1/2inch-40inch, 150LB-1500LB cast or forged check valves according to the size and medium of the pipeline. As a check valve manufacturer/supplier, Gangye has the ability to provide universal check valves that meet various standards. The check valve can prevent the medium from flowing back in the pipeline, Usually installed at the head end and tail end of the pipeline.

Check Valve Function

The function of the check valve is to prevent the backflow of the medium in the pipeline. The check valve does not require manual operation, and the internal structure of the check valve can automatically prevent the medium from flowing back. Therefore, compared with globe valves and gate valves, the number of check valves on the same pipeline will be relatively small. Usually it will be installed at the head and tail of the pipeline.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Check Valves?

Check valves offer several advantages, including preventing backflow and protecting equipment from damage caused by reverse flow. They eliminate the need for manual intervention to ensure flow direction and provide efficient and reliable operation in various applications.

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