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Butterfly Valve 24 Inch

Butterfly Valve 24 Inch

The Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve 24 inch is a type of industrial valve that is designed to handle high-pressure applications and abrasive fluids. Unlike traditional butterfly valves that use a disc that rotates around a central axis, this valve features a disc that is both offset and inclined to the valve seat. This design allows for a tighter seal and reduces the risk of leakage, even in high-pressure environments. The 24 inch butterfly valve also has a low torque requirement, which makes it easy to operate and reduces wear and tear on the valve. Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valves are commonly used in industries such as oil and gas, chemical processing, and power generation. Contact us for more information about 24 inch butterfly valve price.

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Butterfly Valve 24 Inch Specifications

Butterfly Valve 24 Inch

ANSI Class 150Lb24815749.56921.64820*352671225777140360762
ANSI Class 300Lb249158136921.67024*423901200759210435400
ANSI Class 600Lb249408386926.410224*513901290805250580425

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