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Your Trustworthy Valve Supplier

Your Trustworthy Valve Supplier

Gangye has the main production equipment including processing center, CNC lathe, large precision vertical lathe, boring machine, planer, digital display milling machine, plasma spray welding machine, heat treatment furnace and so on. At the same time, it is equipped with advanced spectrum analyzer, universal material testing machine, magnetic particle flaw detection, ultrasonic testing instrument, desktop and portable hardness tester. More than 130 sets of pressure testing machines with different pressures and functions are used for production and testing, thus ensuring the need for product production and quality assurance.

At the same time, gangye has a mature technical team to design and produce valves. Skilled staff and excellent equipment can make the production of valves faster and the quality of valves higher. This means that gangye can better face high Difficulty, high quality requirements, urgent orders.

Gangye's Culture

The purpose of Gangye to produce valves is to ensure that the staff can produce high-quality valves in the most suitable environment. Therefore, Gangye has requirements for the environment of the production workshop. The company will require employees to stack valve components in designated areas. At the same time, for the health of employees, the company requires the workshop to maintain a well-ventilated and bright environment at all times.

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Honour & Certificates of Gangye

The company has passed A1 (1) level manufacturing license certification for special equipment (pressure pipeline components), and imported ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, CE, API600 quality management system, environmental management system, occupational health and safety management system certification.

Gangye Certificate