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Check Valve 10 Inch

Check Valve 10 Inch

A lift check valve is a fluid control device that has components such as a valve body, piston, spring and gasket. Under normal working conditions, the top of the piston seals the valve seat by spring force to prevent fluid backflow. When the upstream fluid pressure decreases and the downstream pressure is higher than the upstream, the piston will automatically open to allow the fluid to run normally. However, if the downstream pressure is reduced and the upstream pressure is higher, the piston seals, preventing backflow and fluid leakage.

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Details of Check Valve 10 Inch

Lift check valve is one of the most common check valves installed in piping systems. It has the characteristics of compact structure and stable performance, and is suitable for petroleum, natural gas, chemical industry, water treatment and other fields. Lift check valve can be applied to high pressure and high temperature environment and special working conditions to prolong service life.

Check Valve 10 Inch Specification

Check Valve 10 Inch

202745135  1701059.5
252846135 200 17012510

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