GangYe Group Co., Ltd.
GangYe Group Co., Ltd.

Gangye Group, through resource sharing, capital unified operation, and diversified business forms; market-oriented, follow the purpose of "scientific and technological innovation, brand development"; adhere to the quality policy of "development by science and technology, survival by quality"; adhering to the "synchronization with the world..." Advanced management concept, towards the valve industry's strongest comprehensive economic strength, the strongest comprehensive development capacity, the strongest comprehensive potential of the scale advantage, strive to create superior performance, reliable quality products to meet the growing customer needs, to provide users with high-quality products and satisfactory services.

Our OEM Step

  • Step 1: the customer signs the contract, and the salesperson conveys the customer's demand to the production department

  • Step 2: the production department orders blanks from material suppliers

  • Step 3: the staff performs rough processing on the blank (to make the surface of the blank smoother)

  • Step 4: the staff finish machining (drilling, grinding the inner diameter) the rough blank

  • Step 5: the valve pressure test of the finished product

  • Step 6: paint the surface of the valve that has passed the pressure test

The valves produced by gangye have a one-year warranty period. This means that if there is a problem with the valve within one year, the valve can be repaired and replaced at no cost (except for improper operation, malicious damage, and irresistible factors that cause damage to the valve)

Gangye is a professional custom valve manufacturer. If you are interested in the quality wholesale valves we provide, please contact us.
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