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Electric Gate Valve

Electric Gate Valve

Pressure self-sealing gate valve is a commonly used pressure relief and shut-off valve, which is widely used in pipeline systems. The motor gate valve is suitable for various media and can be used to control the flow of high pressure, high temperature and irritating media. Its advantages are easy to use, fast opening and closing, good sealing effect, which can effectively prevent medium leakage and reduce system pressure loss. This motorized gate valve is mainly used in chemical industry, petroleum, natural gas, food, pharmaceutical and other industries, and has also been widely used in municipal engineering.

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Electric Gate Valve Specification

4 Inch Gate Valve

  • ANSI Class 900Lb

ANSI Class 900Lb

  • ANSI Class 1500Lb

ANSI Class 1500Lb

  • ANSI Class 2500Lb

ANSI Class 2500Lb

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