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The pipeline of the angle globe valve is vertical, so the angle globe valve is installed at the corner of the pipeline most of the time. The angle type globe valve has three ports - water inlet, water outlet and medium flow control port.

What Are The Characteristics Of Angle Globe Valve?

  • Angle globe valve has self-cleaning ability. Because the internal structure of the angle globe valve can make the medium in the pipeline play a flushing role.

  • Angle globe valve is suitable for pipelines containing high viscosity, suspended solids and granular media.

Applications of Angle Type Globe Valve

Angle type globe valves are a specialized type of valve used in piping and fluid control systems. They are distinguished by their angular form, where the inlet and outlet ports are at a 90-degree angle to each other, which differentiates them from the standard globe valves where the ports are in line. This unique design offers several advantages and makes angle type globe valves suitable for a variety of applications. Here are some key applications and uses:

Steam Systems

Heat Exchangers

Chemical and Petrochemical Industries

Water Treatment and Distribution

Process Control Systems

Cooling Systems

High-Pressure Gas Applications

Fuel Oil Systems

Working Principle of Angle Type Globe Valve

Angle-type globe valves control the passage of liquids or gases in piping by adjusting a disc or plug that manages the port's aperture. Their angled construction makes them suitable for tight installation spaces. The disc is linked to the valve's stem, which is operated by a handwheel or an actuator to either open or shut the valve. Opening the valve permits the flow of gas or liquid through the entry port as the disc retracts from its seating position. Conversely, closing the valve causes the disc to approach the seat, effectively blocking the flow.

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