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Globe Valve PN 40

Globe Valve PN 40

Bellows globe valve is a valve mainly used to control and regulate fluid flow in pipelines. It is characterized by the use of bellows as the sealing element, which has good sealing performance. As a sealing element, the bellows can withstand high pressure, high temperature, corrosion and other environments, and has the characteristics of fatigue resistance, friction resistance and long life. The globe valve pn 40 not only has the advantages of a stop valve showing on-off movement, but also has good flow regulation performance. In addition, the bellows globe valve has a simple structure and is easy to install, and can be applied to various fluid media, especially difficult-to-handle media such as high temperature, high pressure, high viscosity, and concentration.

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Globe Valve PN 40 Specifications

Globe Valve PN 40

ANSI Class 300lb

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