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A class 1500 valve made of 316 stainless steel, for instance, can sustain 248 bar of pressure at 25 ºC, but only 166 bar at 250 ºC. However, in Carbon Steel A105, it can work up to 255 bar at 25ºC and only 209 bar at 250ºC.

Class 1500 Industrial Valve Types

Power Station Gate Valve

A power station gate valve is engineered for high-temperature and high-pressure conditions typically found in power generation plants. It ensures reliable isolation and control of steam and water flow. Robust in design, these valves are crucial for efficient and safe power plant operations.

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What Are The Key Features Of Class 1500 Valves?

Class 1500 valves are designed with features to handle high-pressure applications. These may include reinforced valve bodies, thicker walls, heavy-duty materials, robust sealing mechanisms, and enhanced pressure containment capabilities to ensure reliable and safe operation under extreme pressure conditions.

Are Class 1500 Valves Suitable For Both On-Off And Throttling Applications?

Yes, Class 1500 valves can be used for both on-off and throttling applications. However, the specific valve type and design may influence their suitability for a particular application. Gate valves class 1500 are often preferred for on-off service, while globe valves class 1500 or class 1500 ball valves are commonly used for throttling or control applications.

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