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There is a certain offset distance between the rotation line of the valve plate of the triple eccentric butterfly valve and the sealing surface and the neutral line of the valve body, and there is a specific angle between the rotation axis of the valve seat and the axis of the valve body. These three relationships determines the sealing performance of  the triple offset butterfly valve. In addition, there are multi-layer sealing rings on the valve plate, which makes the triple eccentric butterfly valve more resistant to high temperature; and this design can make the opening and closing of the triple eccentric butterfly valve easier, because this design The friction force is greatly reduced when opening and closing. As one of triple eccentric butterfly valve manufacturers, we provide varieties of valves. Contact us for more information about triple eccentric butterfly valve price.

What Are The Advantages Of Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valves?

Triple eccentric butterfly valve combines the common advantages of soft seal butterfly valve and hard seal butterfly valve - high temperature resistance, wear resistance, less leakage, almost zero leakage, long life.

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