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Gate valve refers to the valve in which the gate (closing part) moves vertically on the center line, and the gate is connected by a screw rod; the staff can control the movement of the gate through manual, electric or pneumatic actuators to achieve the purpose of opening and closing . The most common use of gate valves is on oil pipelines.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Regular Gate Valves?

  • The gate valve can smoothly and accurately adjust the flow of the medium in the pipeline

  • The flow direction of the medium in the pipeline will not be restricted by the installation of gate valves

  • The opening and closing of the gate valve is relatively easy

  • The shape of the gate valve is simple, so the casting process of the gate valve is excellent

Regular Gate Valves Chief Features

  • Full Port, Outside Screw And Yoke(Os&Y)

  • Bolte Bonnet

  • Flexinle Wedge, Fully Guided

  • Structure Improve On Api

  • Risng Stem And Non-Rising Handwheel

  • Available With Gear Operator

  • Flanged Ends

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