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6 Inch Globe Valve

6 Inch Globe Valve

Angle globe valve is a common globe valve, also known as right angle globe valve. It is formed with a spherical section and a concave base. Its characteristic is that it can prevent hydraulic shock when the medium flows, and it has strong pressure resistance and sealing performance, and is suitable for high temperature, high pressure, and strong corrosive medium. 6 inch globe valve is often used for sampling and closure in pipeline systems, as well as flow regulation and pressure regulation. It can be made into two forms of manual and automatic control. Manual Angle globe valves are mostly used in small pipelines, while self-controlled angle globe valves are usually used in large industrial pipeline systems. In general, Angle globe valve is a very practical and widely used pipeline valve.

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6 Inch Globe Valve Specifications

6 Globe Valve

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3 Advantages of the 6 inch Globe Valve

1. The structure of the stop valve is simple, so it is easier to manufacture and maintain, and the use cost of the stop valve is lower from another point of view

2. The working stroke of the stop valve is short, which leads to the time required for the stop valve to be opened and closed is shorter, and it is easier to respond to emergencies

3. The sealing surface of the stop valve is subject to less friction, and the loss of the sealing surface will be reduced when the stop valve is opened and closed, so the service life of the stop valve is longer

Applications of 6 inch Globe Valve

A 6-inch globe valve, notable for its size and the ability to manage substantial flow rates, serves a variety of critical functions across multiple industries. Its applications span from controlling fluid flow to regulating pressure and temperature within systems. Here are some common applications:

Water Treatment Plants

HVAC Systems

Chemical Processing

Oil and Gas Industry

Power Generation

Pulp and Paper Industry

Shipbuilding and Marine Applications

Irrigation Systems

Mining Industry

FAQ about 6-Inch Globe Valve

What materials are 6-inch globe valves made from?

These valves can be made from a variety of materials, including cast iron, stainless steel, bronze, and PVC, depending on the specific application requirements such as the type of fluid, pressure, and temperature conditions.

Can a 6-inch globe valve be used for steam service?

Yes, 6-inch globe valves are suitable for steam service, especially in applications requiring precise flow control and throttling. They are commonly used in steam distribution networks and in the power generation industry.

What is the pressure rating for a 6-inch globe valve?

The pressure rating of a 6-inch globe valve can vary significantly based on the design and material. Common ratings include Class 150, Class 300, Class 600, and higher, which correspond to the maximum allowable pressure at a specific temperature range.

Are 6-inch globe valves repairable?

Yes, globe valves are generally repairable. Components such as the seat, disk, and stem can be replaced or repaired as needed. Regular maintenance is crucial for ensuring the longevity and proper function of the valve.

How do I choose the right 6-inch globe valve for my application?

Selecting the right valve involves considering several factors, including the type of fluid (corrosive, abrasive, etc.), pressure, temperature, flow rate, and the specific requirements of the application (throttling, on/off control). Consulting with valve experts or manufacturers is advisable to ensure the chosen valve meets all operational needs.

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