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6 Inch Globe Valve

6 Inch Globe Valve

Angle globe valve is a common globe valve, also known as right angle globe valve. It is formed with a spherical section and a concave base. Its characteristic is that it can prevent hydraulic shock when the medium flows, and it has strong pressure resistance and sealing performance, and is suitable for high temperature, high pressure, and strong corrosive medium. 6 inch globe valve is often used for sampling and closure in pipeline systems, as well as flow regulation and pressure regulation. It can be made into two forms of manual and automatic control. Manual Angle globe valves are mostly used in small pipelines, while self-controlled angle globe valves are usually used in large industrial pipeline systems. In general, Angle globe valve is a very practical and widely used pipeline valve.

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6 Inch Globe Valve Specifications

6 Globe Valve

Nominal DiameterStandard ValueReference Value


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