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4 Inch Gate Valve

4 Inch Gate Valve

The pressure self-sealing gate valve is a special valve, which has a sealing function itself and does not require an additional sealing structure. The 4 inch gate valve is sealed and leak-proof by adding a metal gasket to the valve blade to make it press against the valve seat ring under high pressure. The 4 brass gate valve is widely used in high temperature, high pressure, easy to wear and easy to leak occasions, such as chemical industry, petroleum, natural gas, thermal power generation and other industries. The pressure self-sealing gate valve can ensure safety and reliability, reduce human error and valve failure, and has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection and economy.

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4 Inch Gate Valve Specification

4 Inch Gate Valve

ANSI Class 900lbANSI Class 1500lbANSI Class 2500lb

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