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The slab gate valve is the same as the ordinary gate valve. Their opening and closing actions are performed by operating the gate for linear motion. However, the slab gate valve has a flat closing element perpendicular to the fluid. This element makes the operation of the slab gate valve more flexible, so its use Lifespan is longer.

What Kind Of Pipeline Is The Slab Gate Valve Suitable For?

  • Oil and gas transportation pipelines

  • The medium in the transportation pipeline has suspended particles

  • Gas transportation pipeline

  • Urban water pipes

Fairway orifice flat gate valve

The deflector plate gate valve is one of the plate gate valves, which can be divided into normally open (figure left) and normally closed (figure right). The normally open guide hole is in the middle and upper part of the gate, and the normally closed guide hole is under the gate. Due to the existence of the guide hole, the resistance of the valve is smaller when it is opened and closed, so the torque is smaller when the valve is opened and closed. Deflector plate gate valves are suitable for transporting fluids containing solid particles or high viscosity because the deflector prevents excessive resistance caused by solid particles or high-viscosity fluids when the valve is opened and closed.


Flat Gate Valve Features

The plate gate valve is a valve whose opening and closing action is linear, and its plate closure element is perpendicular to the fluid, so the plate can slide into the fluid to achieve closure. The disc of the plate gate valve does not have the huge friction caused by the wedge gate when it is closed, so the operation of the plate gate valve is more flexible and the service life is longer. Flat gate valves are widely used in natural gas, chemical industry, urban construction and other industries.

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