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Pressure seal gate valve is a gate valve designed for high temperature and high pressure working environment. Under high pressure, the bonnet sealing ring of pressure seal gate valve will achieve better sealing due to the pressure of the valve itself. Simply come It is said that when the pressure is higher, the sealing performance of the Pressure seal gate valve is better.

Why Pressure Seal Gate Valve Can Be Used In Harsher Working Environment?

The design of the pressure seal bonnet gate valve allows it to have stable sealing performance, and the sealing surface of the pressure seal gate valve is welded with titanium base, cobalt base or tungsten carbide, these materials can help the pressure seal gate valve in harsh working environments suffer minimal impact.

Pressure Seal Gate Valve Design vs Bolted Bonnet Design

Pressure Seal Gate Valve Design:This design allows the valve cover to be pulled up and sealed against the pressure gasket. At the same time, a seal is formed between the washer and the body bore. This design of the valve as the ambient pressure increases, the sealing performance will also be enhanced.

Bolted Bonnet Design:The valve body flange and the valve cover flange are connected by stud and nut, and a washer of selected material is inserted between the flange faces to enhance the seal. Studs, nuts and bolts are tightened to the required torque in the specified pattern for optimal sealing. However, when the pressure increases, the possibility of leakage at the connection between the valve body and the valve cover will also increase.

The advantage of Pressure seals is that their sealing performance increases with pressure, but this means that their cost increases. Therefore, pressure seals are not a good choice in low pressure environments.

Bolted bonnets seal poorly under high pressure, but their cost is relatively low.

Pressure Seal Valve Working Principle

The pressure sealing gate valve is mainly through the pressure brought by the medium to achieve the sealing effect. When the valve is closed, a seal will be formed between the disc and the seat, and the pressure brought by the medium will make the disc and the seat contact more closely, so the sealing is better. The greater the pressure caused by the medium, the closer the contact between the disc and the seat will be, and the tightness will be enhanced. On the contrary, when the pressure brought by the medium is reduced, the contact between the disc and the seat becomes loose, so the sealing performance is weakened.

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