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As a butterfly valve supplier, Gangye has enough experience in producing 1/2inch-40inch butterfly valves. Customers can determine the pressure level and material based on the type and flow of the medium in the pipeline. Gangye can produce different types of butterfly valves, such as cast and forged butterfly valves with a pressure level of 150LB-1500LB. Contatct us for more information about butterfly valves for sale!

Why Use A Butterfly Valve?

Butterfly valves are lighter and smaller than other control valves. Therefore, for the regulation of pipeline flow, butterfly valve is a better choice. The valve body of the butterfly valve is strong, which leads to the butterfly valve having a strong shock resistance. The connection mode of the butterfly valve can meet the requirements of different working conditions of different users.

What Are The Main Components Of A Butterfly Valve?

The main components of a butterfly valve include the body, disc, stem, seat, and actuator. The body houses the disc and other internal components. The disc, which resembles a butterfly, controls the flow. The stem connects the actuator to the disc, allowing it to rotate. The seat provides a sealing surface against the disc to prevent leakage.

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