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Gangye is a gate valve supplier that has provided gate valves to customers all over the world for more than 20 years. Gangye has a professional production team, so it can manufacture gate valves according to customer needs; at the same time, Gangye can also help customers choose the most suitable gate valve according to the information provided by customers. , pressure temperature ratings and valve end connections for customer reference. As one of stainless steel gate valves manufacturers, Gangye provides types of gate valves for sale.

Custom Options: Size (1/2 inch-40 inch) Pressure Rating (150 lb -1500lb) Material (CF3, CF3M, CF8, CF8M, CF10, WCB, WC6, WC9, F304, F304L, F316, F316L, A105, F11 , F22)

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Gate Valve?

  • Small flow resistance. The medium will not change the direction of movement when passing through the gate valve, so it will not cause large flow resistance

  • The opening and closing torque is small. When the gate valve is opened and closed, it is perpendicular to the moving direction of the medium, so it will save more effort

  • Good corrosion resistance. When the gate valve is fully opened, the erosion of the medium on the sealing surface is smaller than that of other valves

  • A long history. Gate valves have a long history in valves, so gate valves are more stable than other valves

  • Compared with other valves, the manufacturing process of gate valve is simpler, so the price of gate valve

How Do You Maintain A Non-Rising Stem Wedge Gate Valve?

We can maintain Non-Rising Stem Wedge Gate Valve from three aspects

  • Storage

Non-Rising Stem Wedge Gate Valve should be stored in a dry and ventilated environment; workers need to check regularly, clean and maintain the parts exposed to the air, such as applying lubricating oil.

  • Installation preparation

The staff need to check before installing the Non-Rising Stem Wedge Gate Valve to check whether the items are defective during the handling process; the installation can only be done after checking and cleaning the dirt.

  • Installation

Check whether there is dirt in the pipeline to avoid damage to the sealing surface; Non-Rising Stem Wedge Gate Valve can only be installed horizontally.

  • Use

The staff need to clean the Non-Rising Stem Wedge Gate Valve frequently, and apply lubricating oil to the transmission thread. At the same time, the Non-Rising Stem Wedge Gate Valve must be used correctly.

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