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As one of the professional globe valve manufacturers, Gangye can provide globe valves of various materials, such as CF3, CF8, WCB, etc. Gangye can produce globe valves of 1/2inch-40inch, pressure class 150-1500. At the same time, the valves produced by Gangye can meet the standards of China and the United States. Customers can choose the size, pressure level and material according to the environment in which the valve is used.

Globe Valve Types for Sale

Straight-line Globe Valve

A straight-line globe valve, designed for regulating flow in a pipeline, features a linear flow path which minimizes flow resistance. Its straightforward design ensures reliable operation and easy maintenance, making it suitable for a variety of industrial applications where precise flow control is required.

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Angle Globe Valve

An angle globe valve features a flow path that changes direction by 90 degrees within the valve, which helps reduce the system's pressure drop. This design is ideal for applications requiring directional change and flow regulation, commonly used in chemical processing and HVAC systems.

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Bellows Globe Valve

A bellows globe valve integrates a bellows seal, minimizing leak paths and ensuring stem integrity. It's particularly effective in applications where leakage could be hazardous, such as in gas or toxic fluid handling. This valve provides excellent sealing and is highly reliable in critical conditions.

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What Is a Globe Valve?

A globe valve is a type of valve that regulates the flow of media via a pipeline. A globe valve consists of a moveable disk (or plug) and a stationary ring seat. When the valve is open, the disk is lifted, allowing fluid to travel through the valve. In the closed position, the disk lowers into the seat, blocking the flow.

Globe valves use linear motion, in which the disc or plug moves in a straight line to allow, restrict, or regulate media flow. This linear motion causes the valve seat to open to accept the disc, allowing for accurate flow control and throttling. Furthermore, the fluid passes through the globe valve by pushing up against the valve disc and along the side of the seat, efficiently cleaning the disc and reducing debris accumulation within the valve body.

Globe Valve Parts

1. Body: The body of a globe valve is typically spherical or globular in shape, hence the name "globe" valve. It houses the internal components of the valve and provides connections for the inlet and outlet pipes.

2. Bonnet: The bonnet is the top portion of the valve that houses the valve stem, disk, and other internal parts. It is usually bolted to the body of the valve.

3. Valve Disc or Plug: The valve disc or plug is a movable component that regulates the flow of fluid through the valve. It is attached to the valve stem and moves up and down within the valve body to open or close the flow path.

4. Valve Stem: The valve stem is a vertical rod that connects the valve disc to the actuator (such as a handwheel, lever, or motor). When the actuator is operated, it moves the stem, causing the disc to move up or down.

5. Seat: The seat is a stationary component within the valve body against which the valve disc seals when the valve is closed. It ensures a tight seal to prevent fluid leakage.

6. Packing: Packing is a sealing material used to prevent leakage around the valve stem where it passes through the bonnet.


Globe Valve for Sale Common Applications

Globe valves find applications in various industries, including oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation, water treatment, HVAC, and more. They are commonly used in systems requiring precise flow control, such as steam, water, and gas pipelines, as well as in process industries for regulating fluid flow.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Globe Valves

Globe valves offer several advantages and disadvantages, depending on the specific application and requirements.

Advantages :

1. Effective shutoff capability ensures reliable flow control.

2. Moderate to good throttling capability allows for precise regulation of flow.

3. Shorter stroke compared to gate valves facilitates quicker opening and closing.

4. Easy machining or resurfacing of seats simplifies maintenance procedures.

5. Globe valves are designed to allow flow in both directions, offering versatility in installation and operation.

6. With the disc not attached to the stem, the valve can function as a stop-check valve, enhancing system safety.


1. Higher pressure drop compared to gate valves leads to energy losses in the system.

2. Requires greater force or larger actuators to seat the valve properly, especially under high pressures.

3. Throttling flow under the seat and shutoff flow over the seat may lead to inefficiencies in certain applications.

Overall, while globe valves offer excellent flow control and sealing capabilities, they may not be suitable for all applications, particularly those with high-flow requirements or where rapid operation is necessary.

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