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Industrial valves are used in various ways in the pharmaceutical industry to control the flow of fluids, gases, and liquids throughout different processes. Here are some common applications of types of valves used in pharmaceutical industry:

Process Control: Valves are used to control the flow rate, pressure, and direction of fluids in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. They enable precise control and regulation of flow to ensure accurate dosing, mixing, and reaction times.

Batch Processing: Valves in pharmaceutical industry play a crucial role in batch processing operations. They are used to divert or direct the flow of liquids and gases between different vessels or process stages. Valves enable the transfer of ingredients, intermediates, and final products during batch production.

Clean-in-Place (CIP) and Sterilization: Valves with specific designs for easy cleaning and sterilization are used in pharmaceutical manufacturing. They facilitate thorough cleaning of process lines and equipment, ensuring compliance with cleanliness and sterility standards.

Product Transfer: Ball valves and butterfly valves in pharmaceutical industry are employed in transferring pharmaceutical products between different stages of production, such as from reactors to storage tanks, or from filling machines to packaging lines, such as dn150 butterfly valve

Sampling and Quality Control: Valves are used for representative sampling of pharmaceutical products during quality control testing. Sampling valves allow aseptic or sterile sampling without compromising the product's sterility or quality.

Pressure Relief and Safety: Pressure relief valves are crucial for maintaining the safety of pharmaceutical processes. They protect equipment and pipelines from overpressure situations, preventing damage and ensuring operator safety.

Utilities Control: Valves are used to control utilities such as steam, water, air, and gases in pharmaceutical processes. They regulate the flow and pressure of these utilities, ensuring proper operation of equipment and systems.

Wastewater Treatment: Valves are utilized in wastewater treatment systems within pharmaceutical plants. They control the flow of wastewater, allowing for efficient treatment and disposal while adhering to environmental regulations.

In each of these applications, the selection of valves depends on factors such as the nature of the fluid or gas, process requirements, cleanliness standards, sterility needs, and regulatory compliance. Valve materials, designs, and features are carefully chosen to meet the specific demands of the pharmaceutical industry and ensure product quality, safety, and integrity.