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3 Inch Ball Valve

3 Inch Ball Valve

A 3 inch ball valve is a type of valve that has four ports, enabling two independent circuits. This allows for greater flexibility and control in terms of directing fluid flow. The 3 inch brass ball valve features a unique four-way design that provides for the distribution of material from one entry point to multiple exit points. Typically used in industrial applications, Four way ball valves are commonly used to regulate flow in high-temperature and high-pressure settings. The four inlets and outlets of the valve allow it to control flow in a much more efficient way than a standard valve. These ball valves pvc 3 inch are durable, reliable, and easy to install, making them a preferred choice for industrial applications. Four way ball valves are available in a range of materials including stainless steel, carbon steel, and brass, with various sealing options and actuation options.

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3 Inch Ball Valve Specification

3 Inch Ball Valve

MPaDND3D2D1DD4Bff1LL1L2HZ-ΦdApproximate weight/kg

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