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Class 2500 valves can be used for both on-off and throttling applications. The specific valve type and design will determine their suitability for a particular application. Gate valves class 2500 are often preferred for on-off service, while globe valves class 2500 or class 2500 ball valves are commonly used for throttling or control applications.

What Are The Key Features Of Class 2500 Valves?

Class 2500 valves are designed to handle extremely high-pressure applications. They typically feature robust construction, reinforced bodies, thicker walls, and specialized sealing mechanisms. These valves are engineered to provide reliable performance and maintain integrity under the most demanding pressure conditions.

What Standards Are Class 2500 Valves Manufactured To?

Class 2500 valves are typically manufactured in accordance with recognized industry standards, such as API (American Petroleum Institute), ANSI (American National Standards Institute), or specific international standards based on the application requirements. Compliance with these standards ensures the valves meet certain quality, performance, and testing criteria.

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