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150 Gate Valve

150 Gate Valve

Gate valve is a commonly used valve type, which is mainly used to intercept, regulate flow or cut off the passage of fluid medium. The structural feature of the 4 150 gate valve is that the valve body and the bonnet move parallel to each other, and the spool lifts to realize the switch. 6 150 Gate valves usually consist of a body, bonnet, stem and core. 

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150 Gate Valve Specifications

ANSI Class 150lb

Details of 150 Gate Valve

150 gate valve

The valve body is the main part of the gate valve and the main channel for the medium to flow. Both ends of the valve body are flanged and connected to the pipeline. The bonnet is used to seal the valve body and secure the valve stem. The valve stem is the supporting part of the valve core movement, and the valve core can be lifted and lowered by rotating. 

The spool is the key component of the gate valve, and its lifting state controls the opening and closing of the medium flow. When the spool is in the down state, the valve is in the closed state. The medium flows in from the inlet of the valve body and is blocked by the valve cover. Under the pressure of the valve core, the medium is squeezed into the space between the two gates, thereby hindering the flow of the medium. When the valve core is in the rising state, the valve is in the open state, the medium can flow through the valve body, and at the same time, the top of the valve core and the valve cover form a straight channel.

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