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The opening and closing of the three-piece ball valve only needs to turn the handwheel 90°; in other words, the torque of the 3 piece ball valve is very small, and the staff can easily open and close the three-piece ball valve. In addition, this design makes the three piece valve receive less friction when opening and closing. The internal resistance of the 3 piece ball valve stainless steel to the medium is very small. As one of 3 piece ball valve manufacturers, we supply professional devices. Contact us.

Where Is The Three-Piece Ball Valve Suitable For Use?

3 piece design ball valves are versatile valves with applications across industries. They are suitable for fluid control, shut-off, and maintenance ease. In the oil and gas sector, they manage flow in pipelines, refineries, and processing plants. Chemical, petrochemical, and wastewater treatment industries utilize them for corrosive fluid control. These valves are valuable in power plants for water and steam control, and in the food and beverage sector for product handling. Their use extends to HVAC systems, pharmaceuticals, marine applications, and more. A notable advantage is their disassembly capability for maintenance without pipeline removal. Their adaptability, durability, and capacity to handle varying fluids and pressures make them a crucial asset. To select the right valve, factors such as fluid compatibility, conditions, pressure, temperature, and material construction must be considered for specific application needs.

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